Wednesday, 19 August 2009

C'mon and getcha armour.

Polo shirt - Tommy Hilfiger
Cardigan - H&M
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - Marks and Spencer
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Mulberry
Bow tie - brother's

Sorry for the poor lighting, you can hardly see my cardian. This is what I wore to work yesterday. I looked like a school girl (I think it's the skirt, which is way overpriced btw, should have just got a £5 netball one). One colleague also said I looked like a waitress. My shoes didn't match but I didn't care since they are comfortable. Work is starting to drain all the energy out of me. I already can't be bothered. Got 40 or so years left of this!

Kind of annoyed that they haven't paid me yet like they promised. Also doing overtime so I can get a day off in lieu but it's going to mess up and they'll underpay me since I'm not on the system yet so my extra hours aren't being recorded. Frustration!!!


Sher said...

Oh dear, your work sounds terribly frustrating!!
But on the upside, you look good! This is my favourite outfit of yours, so preppy chic, I like it very much:)

HiFashion said...

You are so cute!! Do you live in London? I'm sorry to hear about your work stress :(
xx Leia