Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Higher over all I'm going to be the last one standing.

I have been a despicable blogger as of late! I can't even be bothered doing outfit posts anymore. Sorry! Here are a few rubbish pictures of some recent purchases. I love autumn fashion, I'm not sure why, but the clothes appeal to me so much more and I spend so much money on myself in the months running up to Christmas. Perhaps it is due to my love of cardigans, tights and coats. What is your favourite season?

This dress has no shape at all and was extremely overpriced (Urban Outfitters) but I fell hook, line and sinker for the Peter Pan collar and the navy contrast trim. I felt the emerald green would make a nice addition to my closet.

Stumbled upon this cable knit cardigan whilst hunting for something else in Zara (a Peter Pan collared floral T-shirt, if you must know). The only thing that would make this cardigan cuter is a couple of suede patches on the elbows.

I am in two minds about this fur hat! It is incredibly cute but I am a little annoyed by the white streaks in it. Also, there's a line that goes along the top where the seams meet. Perhaps I am being too fussy?

Even though I already have four or five winter coats, I couldn't resist this rust coloured coat with navy detailing! It's also incredibly hard to photograph so you may never see the whole garment. Topshop sucks me into buying at least one coat per year.

Last of all, a pair of boots from We Who See. I have been on the hunt for a pair of girly-ish lace-up knee boots for years and sadly the search continues. I adore these so VERY much but they fit me funny so I have since returned them.

Have you bought anything new that you love?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

High street lust #56.

So the Mulberry 'Alexa' has made satchel bags very trendy. I'm still devastated I turned down the limited 'summer tweed' version I saw. Until Mulberry releases another colour I'm in love with, I may settle for River Island's grey suede mock croc satchel bag (£69.99). Not that I need another handbag...

The black velvet drape shorts (£26.99) give off a Henry VIII feel, n'est-ce pas? With that in mind I tried to create a modern-Tudor look and the cream embellished zip front cardigan (£59.99) with all its intricacies looks fit for a lady. Hair should be a messy bouffant with a tiara, but a black feather alice headband (£12.99) with sweet pink flower fabric stud earrings (£6.99) peeking out will do. For the contemporary touches, add a pair of sexy mock suspender tights (£7.99) and some black strappy cage wedge sandals (£49.99). Add a fierce black lioness gold look ring (£12.99) and a black and gold encrusted ring (£12.99) and off with your head.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

She's not bleeding on the ballroom floor.

Thank you very much to Joan of Dreamy Princess who very kindly gave me the following award. Check out her blog, she's adorable!
I'm only going to tag three people (rather than the ordered five) to receive this award. These are blogs which I have only recently discovered and enjoy reading:

- Jamie-Lee of page sixxx
- Olivia of Goldielocks and Cupid
- Emma of Circus Box

And here's the meme to go along with the award:

1. Who or what is your inspiration?
I am inspired by everything around me! Right now I'm really loving textured things; faux fur, cableknit and ribbed tights. Must be the mori girl coming out of me. At the moment I'm also lusting after Matsumoto Ena's and Ogihara Momoko's "mode" style.

2. What is your makeup brand?
I use a bit of everything. But it always has to be a NARS blush.

3. What is your favorite makeup brand?
Paul & Joe beaute. Their packaging slays me.

4. Would you rather go out with no makeup on with done hair, or undone hair and finished makeup?
Is the hair done by me or a professional? And it depends where I'm going! I'll opt for the done hair and no makeup. I feel I can still look decent if my hair is done.

5. Name 5 things that are in your bag.
Purse, mobile phone, pen, rain hat and cosmetics case. I hate lugging around a heavy handbag but I loathe to be without my essentials.

6. Name something every makeup enthusiast should have?
A good foundation.

7. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grow up?
A librarian. Then a graphics designer. Also a pet store owner.

8. What is your favorite clothes shop?
At the moment it's Miss Selfridge.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

High street lust #55.

One Sunday night I visited to search for something when I came upon the knitted aran cardigan (£48). Despite its pricetag it was love at first sight. I was all over its chunky cable knit beige-ness. On Monday I returned to the website to buy my beloved but it had practically sold out. I eventually went instore to buy one and came out with one three sizes too big (small sizes all sold out!). I like it that much. Kinda hoping they'll do a second run.

Topshop haven't been wowing me too much this year but their autumn collection is fantastique! Slip on a Peter Pan collar tunic (£28) and tuck it into a pair of leopard printed skinny jeans (£45). Top off with fur cossack hat (£20) and lip glaze in Moondust (£6). I think it all goes together, don't you? Some fur lined moccassins (£28) keep your toes comfy whilst the bear ring (£10) and square stone ring (£12.50) are just cool. Also digging the small leather pattern bag (£35) and that's my autumnal uniform. I really really hope other highstreet stores catch onto this chunky cardigan thing.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Meet me in the hallway, bite your lip when I say.

Top - HK
Cardigan - Marks and Spencer
Skirt - Topshop
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Topshop
Hat - fancy dress shop
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Wing ring - ASOS
Silver ring - granny
Handbag - Mulberry

Why is it that the outfits I like most never photograph well? There is a lot of detail on the top and skirt but I couldn't capture them very well. I also took these photos in a new location and had a LOT of people staring at me so I kind of rushed it. Anyway, I didn't want to let summer pass without wearing my favourite floral skirt. It has buttons and a pleated bow on the back, but I wear it forwards because I worry about creasing the bow when I sit down.

Recently I've had LASIK laser eye surgery. Now I can see clearly without lenses! Still going through the healing process and that means no make up for a couple of weeks. How will I survive? It also hurts a bit when I stare at a computer screen too long so comments may be delayed (but how is that any different to usual?).

Haven't worn these cream shoes for a while, think I'll donate them. I used to wear them everyday for uni.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I've been inclined to believe it never would.

Dress - Warehouse
Belt - Gap Kids
Shoes - Miss Selfridge
Ring - ASOS

For an engagement party, I was originally going to wear a knit striped dress, which was quite casual. Then I heard my friend was wearing an LBD so I quickly whipped this lace dress on instead. It was an interesting, sometimes awkward, night of G&Ts.

My mum and brother were with me when I bought the above dress. They asked me why I was buying a dress that looks like all my other dresses. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for lace and neutrals. I liked the cuffed sleeves on this. Definitely a warm weather dress, the arms are very breezy.

I really liked my hair and make up from this night but the pictures of it didn't turn out too well. Maybe it only looked good in my imagination.