Sunday, 31 January 2010


Once again, I must apologise for my slowness at replying to comments. Let's just say big changes happened at work whilst I was away. Anyway, I've had some people saying they want more posts on Japan but I don't really know what to post about! Is there anything particular you want to see/read? For now, here are a few more pictures from my trip.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

High street lust #34.

Parisienne chic has always been a favoured look of mine, so the new Topshop collection has me head over heels! I also adore their new Meadow collection featuring florals, lace and embroidery. It's all my favourite things this spring! My favourite piece is probably the flute one shoulder dress. So ethereal, right?

For this outfit, I'm imagining trotting around Florence after a light sprinkling of rain. Brave the cold afternoon and go without a jacket, just put on some pretty Emilio Cavalini lace tights (£8) and a pale grey cobweb snood (£16). Look pretty with the secret platform shoes (£65), some adorable teapot and cutlery earrings (£5), a lace corsage headband (£8) and a sweet flower chain band ring (£4). Throw your guidebook and your camera into a bow eyelet bag (£35) and remember to pick up the long frill dot umbrella (£22) before you leave the hotel room.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

A.RA.SHI for dream.

Well, I'm back from my 2 week trip to Japan! Please excuse my slow replies to blog comments, my holiday was very tiring and I am still trying to recover from jet lag! For now, here is a picture a day to sum up my trip. One daily photo doesn't do it justice though as I usually went to several places in one day.

Lolita shopping in Shinjuku.
The Imperial Gardens.
At the Meiji shrine.
VCA exhibit in Roppongi Hills
Sunshine City Aquarium
Disney Sea Resort.
Tokyo Disneyland.
Minnie bears in Kiddyland.
Ueno Park.
Final Fantasy XIII promotion in Akihabara.
Studio Ghibli. It was amazing.
Delicious ramen.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

High street lust #33.

When I was doing some Christmas shopping, I stopped by New Look and saw a bunch of things I wanted to buy but I made myself resist. In particular, I fell in love with the sugar pink crochet dress (£20). Isn't it sweet?

I'd layer it over a crochet trim blouse (£18) before snuggling up in a faux fur jacket (£40). All the accessories would be sweet and cute like button stud crystal earrings (£3), a beautiful quilted shoulder bag (£15) and either an angora beret (£7) to fight off the cold or a bunny bow alice band (£4) for extra sweetness. Then for a touch of lolita, I'd finish off with slouched knee socks (£5) which have cute ribbon detail and bow front flats (£12).

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Through the rabbit hole once more.

Who is looking forward to watching Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland? It's a Disney non-canonical sequel to Lewis Carroll's novels full of amazing CGI (take a look at this HQ image). The cast is pretty starry; Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter (of course), Stephen Fry, Christopher Lee, Alan Rickman... Even so, I'm not sure what I think. I guess I'll just have to wait until March! Until then, here are some stills from

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

High street lust #32.

Whenever I try to inject some colour into my lust lists, I usually fail. Colour isn't my forte. Saying that, I do like a bit of red. Such as in this red duffle coat (£17, was £35) from Peacocks. Initially I aimed for a preppy look but it didn't quite turn out that way.

Firstly I took the orange checked shirt (£6, was £12) and tucked it into a pair of black sateen shorts (£7, was £14), which has a removable belt. For a dignified look I took some black 15 dernier tights (£2.50 for a pack of 5), a pair of cream chain detail ballet shoes (£7.50, was £15), a gold headband (£1.75, was £3.50) and a beautiful dogtooth fabric bag (£5, was £10)... just don't hold it next to the shirt! Now, I thought this outfit would look awesome with a delightfully tacky gold chunky chain necklace (£3, was £6) and equally tacky gold mesh diamante earrings (£3, was £6) but boring nice shower earrings (£3, was £6) will do just as well.

PS; check out this swing coat (£11) for its beautiful brooch and this adorable heart glitter box bag (£6) which I've been lemming over.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The hounds of love are calling.

By the time this post rolls out, I should be in Tokyo! Unless the snow has grounded planes again :( :( :( I've scheduled a bunch of posts for the 2 weeks I'm gone. Exciting stuff, right? Here are some dropsnop photos I looked at to get me in the mood! I can't wait to peoplewatch in Japan (and check out more dogs like that handsome Borzoi!).

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

High street lust #31.

Everyone goes a bit crazy in the boxing day sales but this year I resisted, since I am saving for my Japan trip (I fly tomorrow!!!). Even so, I did let myself have a little browse online and concocted this little lust list. It's a ten piece wardrobe, all sale items, which I think can be worn various ways. Here are just a few:

1. Mooch around the house in the petites satin hareem trousers (£15, was £32) and petites white sequin vest (£10, was £30).

2. Hang out at a trendy bar with the above two items plus a crochet insert waistcoat (£15, was £32) and black oversized lurex beret (£12, was £5).

3. Head off for yoga in the hareem trousers and a white curved hem T-shirt (£14, was £5) and keep your hands toasty in a mongolian handwarmer (£15, was £35).

4. Want to dance at a club? Pair the sequin vest with a gorgeous high waist prom skirt (£10, was £30), some black bow front peep toe shoes (£15, was £45), and an amazing gold chainmail pearl necklace (£6, was £12).

5. For a laidback office look, tuck the curved T-shirt into the hareem trousers and wear with heels. Throw on the cute black spot trim blazer (£10, was £30) and you'll be the belle of the boardroom.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hey, don't write yourself off yet.

Polo neck - Gap
Skirt - American Apparel
Scarf - H&M
Diamond tights - HK
Boots - Deichmann Shoes

I hope every has had an amazing 2009! Here's to a fastastic 2010! What did you get up to on new year's eve? This year my mum had a hot pot party at ours with some family and friends. I'm the NYE grinch so I surprised myself by having a good time. I ate lots of scrummy food and we pulled the Wii out and had lots of fun/laughs. There were also fireworks, Asti and secret gin + Cokes.

The above outfit is what I wore on new year's day. My family went out for dinner before my cousin returned to London. Since I doubt you can tell, the top and skirt are both navy in colour. Navy was my most worn colour in 2009. As you can see, I wore my H&M scarf again. I go through phases of wearing one item a LOT. I think I shall take it to Tokyo with me... Eek, I'm flying on Wednesday and I'm so unprepared! I have a vague list of tourist sites and shops. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations? Can be things to see / eat / avoid saying. I'd love your help! The snow is back. I hope planes aren't grounded.

My new thing is posting pictures of food. Here are a few things I ate on Friday; soup, lobster and giant oranges.