Sunday, 2 August 2009

What can you do with a drunken sailor?

T-shirt - Gap
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - Marks and Spencers
Shoes - New Look
Coat - Topshop
Hair accessory - Claire's

So... do you like my new coat?! I saw this online and immediately knew I had to have it. I am a sucker for sailor-esque clothes. I hate buying online so I checked three stores in person before typing in my details at It arrived on Thursday and I must admit, I was a bit disappointed by the thin material and the colour (it's more of a washed out red). It's also a bit big so hopefully they have a size 6 instore which I can exchange it with.

Went out for a delicious meal for my friend's birthday on Friday (I had confit duck leg [strawberry sauce!] with dauphinoise potatoes and butternut squash, yum) and on Saturday I drove 35+ miles to another friend's house for drinks and Wii games. Didn't take any outfit photos for either occasion though, whoops. Today I'm going to a thing called 'GO APE'. It's like a fun version of an assault course?!


Sher said...

Oh I'm a fan of sailor-esque clothes too! Love the coat, though I agree it would have been better if the colour is a deeper red:)

ONiC said...

i love your coat. esp the color. and hahaha your comment about in want a bf camp is really make my night. i'm glad knowing that i'm not alone :]

zefa said...

i love love love love love your coat :) they're so fabulous :) i'm looking for sailor dress for my self, and envy yours..lols

Little Bo Peeep said...

Whaat is that coat a new collection or what I've never seen it before it's so awesome!! You always look cute: ) Yayy I'm glad you like my outfit :) I'm in NZ right now <3 having a great time <3!

Reanna said...

Cute jacket. I have the best Sailor dress from APC (last summer season) that I can't get enough of. Ships Ahoy!