Tuesday, 27 April 2010

High street lust #47.

Arrrrgh, the brown! I wish Hollister wasn't so dark... you might actually be able to see the things you're buying then. Like the cali beach tote (£50). This straw bag would be perfect for a beach outing and the little scarf tie adds a nice dash of colour.

I can't decide which dress is cuter; the navy dot point vincente dress (£50) or the blue floral hobson (£40). Either way, both are perfect for a trip to the seaside. Add some embellished leather flip flops (£34) and a socal beach necklace (£24) for a typical beach babe look. Throw on a light red san pedro bay jacket (£84) to keep out the chilly ocean breezes. Why aren't there any bikinis on the website?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Leave all the ashes you made out of me.

T-shirt - Gap
Cardigan - Agneau7
Skirt - Lowrys Farm
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Topshop
Handbag - Made by Miso
Ring - Miss Selfridge
Hair grip - The Daiso
Nail varnish - Canmake

On Saturday, a couple of friends and I went out for a mid-morning meal. I had a poached egg with hollandaise sauce on an English muffin and a side salad along with a hot pot of darjeeling. After that we each had a freshly baked sultana scone with cream and strawberry jam. Delicious!

Later that day, one of my friends and I drove to to a nearby town. We visited some charity shops and nurseries (the plant kind) and passed a lot of lovely pubs along the way. There were so many people outside because it was such a beautiful day. We're thinking of going back next weekend. I'll dress more appropriately next week, I was far too warm in this cardigan! My brother hates me dressing in pale colours.

I've got exams coming up and my career depends on them so I'm going to blog a bit less frequently (though I have a lot of lust lists made up and ready to go). I'll be even slower than usual at commenting. Sorry!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Who is the one you're looking for?

T-shirt - Gap
Batwing cardigan - Mango
Leggings - Gap
Shoes - Topshop
Satchel - the market
Necklace - SZ
Ring - ASOS

My friends wanted to celebrate my birthday (I didn't!) so we decided to go out for a meal and then drinks. Then some people couldn't make the meal so we decided on takeaway so people could come whenever and then out for drinks. Then it just became Chinese takeaway with cider and a Charade DVD at a friend's house. Audrey Hepburn's outfits were amazing!

Leggings and a big chunky cardigan are all I want to wear at home! I can't wait to add more ugly cardigans to my collection. The satchel in this photo is the one I used for uni. Check me out, so ahead of the satchel trend. It took me SO long to find this one. My dream satchel (perfect, colour, size and design) was one by Paul & Joe but cost £450, so I went for this £35 one from my local market. Sadly, the lock on it is now broken :(

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Sleepy kitty, happy kitty, purr purr purrrrr.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

High street lust #46.

From Luella came the heart cutout and this pale pink jersey dress (£22) is New Look's interpretation. It also comes in black, navy and red... a cute and simple variety for summer.

In my vision, I'm wearing this whilst driving down a dusty road in a dirty white pickup truck, mirrored pilot glasses (£10) on, a piece of straw in my mouth and my cowl neck utility jacket (£30) blowing in the wind. Completing the cowgirl look is a bead trim hat (£15) and a pair of cracked suede boots (£60). For girly touches with a nod to nature, there is a pair of lace floral tights (£6), a leaf necklace (£6) and chandelier leaf earrings (£6). And what's in my twist lock satchel (£18)? A tube of red lipstick, a pocketknife and a wad of crumpled twenty pound notes.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Everything's perfect from far away.

Here's a little peek at some of the presents I received this year for my birthday; decorating book (I love interior design), Joy-Mixx, batwing cardigan, Chanel cosmetics, handbag and Duffy. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday ♥

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Need to jump in the cold water.

Camisole - Bossini
Jumper - brother's
Shorts - Gap
Boots - Freegia
Handbag - Chanel
Hairtie - Claire's Accessories
Nail varnish - Canmake Tokyo

On Sunday I went to have dim sum with some family friends. I had done a closet clearout on Saturday, which is when I found this merino wool jumper my brother was going to throw out but I had salvaged and decided to wear it for my lunch outing.

It turned out to be way too big/boring and I tried using belts and necklaces to make it work but it all failed. Then I wore my Chanel Chung-style and bada bing bada boom. These shorts + tights got me through some tough times at uni. I wish I could wear them for work.

It would be so cool if 嵐 Arashi did a concert in England.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

High street lust #45.

I can't decide what I like more; the pearl stitch sleeve detail cardi (£49.99, #586191) with its amazing yet granny-esque beadwork or the military button shorts (£24.99, #586583) because I've been hunting for a pair of navy shorts since last spring.

Keeping with the nautical theme, I'd pair the shorts with a ruched stripe bodysuit (£14.99, #587218), ballerina bow pumps (£24.99, #586304) and a jaunty straw hat (£12.99, 586073). For a more prim and proper look, wear the pearl cardigan with a smart frill neck cami (£10.99, 570061) and a cute spotted pocket detail lantern skirt (£29.99, #589925). The pearl twist knot stud earrings (£5.99, #588160) and frame shell bag (£44.99, #583837) keep the ensemble classy, whilst the diamante anchor necklace (£5.99, #586396) and red intervwoven ring (£3.99, 587395) hint at the sailor theme.

Monday, 12 April 2010

I know a place where no ships go.

Polo shirt - Ralph Lauren
Cardigan - Upper 5th
Treggings - River Island
Shoes - New Look
Handbag - Made by Miso
Headband - Accessorize

Argh, lately my neighbours have been catching me taking photos. It's kind of embarrassing! On Good Friday my friends and I went to Birmingham's Bull Ring to shop but my outfit was deemed boring by myself so I'm not posting it. Here is what I wore when I went to Edinburgh over Easter weekend to visit my grandmother. I love that city! I especially love the old buildings with huge windows.

I try not to wear trousers (an attempt to be more feminine) but I kind of just wanted to lounge around in comfort in the car. I really like the details on the cardigan: the pointelle, the bows, the puffy shoulders and the heart buttons, but it's a handwash only item so I'm wary of wearing it too much incase I ruin it. In fact, that's why I don't wear a lot of my wardrobe. Silly, huh?

Would you rather be attacked by one horse-sized duck or by twenty duck-sized horses?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

High street lust #44.

It's my birthday next week and although I don't plan on doing anything for it (I don't like making a fuss and I don't like the thought of growing older) it's still fun to plan outfits. I fell so hard for the VIP bejewelled heart layer dress (£175) but despite its tugging at my heartstrings, the price is pretty ridiculous...

Thus, I'd be more likely to go for the bow back bandeau stripe bodysuit (£22) neatly tucked into the grecian wrap skirt (£40) with its gorgeous draped fabric. I'll stand tall and proud in lace platform heels (£50) & snug and warm in the chevron faux fur jacket (£75). Finished off with a stud quilted hobo bag (£40) and some pretty crystal heart and bow earrings (£8) I'd be ready to paint the town red.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

I know many people with gifts.

T-shirt - Gap
Jersey dress - H&M
Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Tights - HK
Shoe boots - Office
Handbag - Louis Vuitton

Last Saturday my friends and I had hoisin duck pancakes for dinner followed by sticky toffee pudding. Our new thing is watching old films at the weekend; Hook, Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid. Catching up with old friends is good... I really wish I had my own Friends-esque apartment!

I wore a jersey dress that looks a lot like babydoll nightgown. I initially bought it in navy because I thought it's something Blair Waldorf would wear for bed (this was back in 2008 when BW was still awesome). I was devastated when it shrunk in the wash so I bought the blush pink one too. It has also shrunk, but not so much it looks like a vest top!

Is everyone loving this four day Easter weekend as much as me? I really needed a break from work!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Come take me back to where it begins.

I want to say a big thank you to Erin of My Wildflower Wardrobe for this award. Check her blog out, she has a really cute style and is a sweetie! I want to pass on the sunshine award to the following people. They are a lovely bunch of girls:

1. Allie of Little Bird.
2. A Daisy Chain Dream.
3. Diane.
4. Lai Ying of London; 1:13AM.
5. Monica of Soul Sister.
6. Naka of Naka's Net.
7. Natasha of Find The White Horse.
8. Sharon of Eli Sharon.

I also need to say thank you to Cherry Pullinger for this award. She's an aspiring writer, go check her blog out! I want to give the 'I love your blog award' to this delightful lot:

1. Dirty Hair Halo.
2. Hannah of Hello Mr Fox.
3. Jen of A Little Bird Told Me....
4. Jenny of Follow The Style.
5. Kallie of happy, honey and lark.
6. Kellie of Ada and Darcy.
7. Mel of Chinky Mel's Corner.
8. Sher of Beneath The Crystal Stars.

I was supposed to present the first award to 12 others and the second one to 15 but I got lazy so you might want to keep that in mind if you're a recipient. Finally, thank you to all my followers. I honestly appreciate all the lovely comments you leave on my posts.