Thursday, 27 August 2009

Summer lovin', had me a blast.

The summer sun is setting :(

It is nearly September and the summer holidays are quickly coming to an end. Where did it go?! This weekend is the last bank holiday of the year so here's a few ideas if you haven't made any plans yet.

♥ have a picnic
♥ go to a theme park
♥ have a neighbourhood water fight
♥ laze around in the sun and read all day
♥ try making some homemade ice cream
♥ have a barbeque
♥ find a lake and have a swim
♥ there's probably a free gig going on somewhere; find it
♥ bake cookies and drop them off at all your friends' houses
♥ go to a funfair
♥ visit your grandparents and make their day
♥ pick berries and make a pot of jam
♥ play a game of rounders
♥ take a trip to the seaside
♥ help out at the local animal shelter
♥ go hiking and then camp under a sea of stars
♥ explore a part of the city you've never been to before with your lover
♥ ride horses and lie in fields
♥ go on a long long drive with the windows down and your favourite songs playing
♥ open a kissing booth and donate the proceeds to charity
♥ stay out and dance alllll night
♥ have a go at mini golfing
♥ fall in love with a stranger
♥ have an outdoor dinner party by lantern light
♥ start a dance off in the middle of your city
♥ mess around at a childrens playground
♥ buy a box of Quality Street and share them out with people at a bus stop
♥ tennis for two, then tea & cake for two

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