Tuesday, 18 August 2009

High street lust #11.

Anjelika winked at the cute boy as she handed him two cold beers. She only had 20 minutes left until the end of her bar shift and then she would hit the rock club's dancefloor with her BFF Daisy like nobody's business.

Since the summer sales are still on, this week's lust focuses on discounted items. I've built the outfit around an animal print belted skirt (£15, was £30) and went for a sweaty summer night cannibal look.

Match it with a crackle black print vest (£10, was £22) and mini suede eyelet wedges (£20, was £45). Slip on an amazing pearl bead necklace (£10, was £40) but go light with some simple gold domed studs (£2, was £5) and engraved clamp bangle (£5, was £12). The black studded X cross bag (£10, was £18) can hold all your basics. Inject some 'cool' by wearing the metallic batwing bomber jacket (£10, was £35) and some gold frame visor sunglasses (£7, was £14).

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xtinagirl said...

Hiii cutie! :) And I know what you mean but I've been shredding things that are old and I don't wear anymore!