Sunday, 23 August 2009

Love is like a battlefield, a battlefield!

Top - HK
Jeans - Gap
Bag - Cancer Research
Jacket - Topshop
Shoes - Miss Selfridge

Went out for dinner last night. The initial plan was tapas, but the place was full (you can't book beforehand) so we went to a posh-ish type restaurant with the biggest lampshades in the world. Didn't really enjoy my rarebreed pork but I did love the dessert selection! Sadly, these heels gave me blisters. Should wear socks/tights next time. Also, on the way back from the train station, I was hassled by some jerks, so an old man kept me company and walked me down the street. We discussed the disrepectful youth of today.

I hate those awkward moments at the end of a date when you're saying goodbye. To kiss or not to kiss?!


HiFashion said...

Gorgeous outfit. I love your bag.

Sher said...

Cute shoes and tote!

If he lingers on at the end of a date, definitely kiss:)