Thursday, 6 August 2009

A girl can never have enough shoes.

My shoe roadkill.

I used to be more of a handbag person, but I do love shoes. I *adore* perusing shoe websites but I just don't have the opportunity to wear such works of art on a daily, or even weekly, basis. Even so, I still manage to have 40+ pairs of shoes stored away. I think I have the 'basic wardrobe' but sometimes I can't resist a pair of beauties. Here's my bare bones...

Black flats: black goes with anything so it's good to have at least one smart pair and a casual pair. {2 pairs}

White flats: white (or off-white, ivory, light beige) also goes with everything, but some people just don't like wearing lighter colours. My collection of white shoes has been growing a lot over the past few months because white shoes are just plain awesome. {2 pairs}

Coloured flats: pumps in fun colours like red or pink are good. They are just harder to match. Then again, I also like having a sudden pop of colour at the bottom of a neutral coloured outfit. Brown and navy flats are also good to have. {3 pairs}

Basic heels: black, off-white and nude are my must haves. Nude coloured heels (think pinky-peach) make your legs look miles long and actually match a lot of different style dresses. By 'basic' I mean a simple pump heel, with a round, almond or pointed toe depending on your taste. {3 pairs}

Dressy heels: are more of a requirement if you like going clubbing etc. Saying that, crazy strap heels can look very cool on a day-to-day outfit. You probably want at least a pair in black, silver/gold and one crazy looking pair with a super high heel. {3 pairs}

Boots: a single pair of black or brown boots is enough for me. I just don't have the chance to wear them and I just don't like boots as much as I used to. Long boots don't look good on me and short boots are a bit too casual for my 'pretty' style. {1 pair}

Shoe boot/oxfords: a recent trend, but they can look good dressed up or down so are quite versatile. Brown or black or two-tone are good choices. {1 pair}

Sandals: as with boots, I don't have much of an opportunity to wear sandals. I have some 'pretty' ones for dinner on holiday and some Birkenstocks for easy sight-seeing days. {2 pairs}

Trainers: I make a point of not wearing sporty shoes since I go for a more feminine look these days, but trainers are great for dog walking, holiday sight-seeing, gymwear or unexpected outdoor activities. My favourites are my Onitsuka's (so comfortable!) but I also have a range of Converse All-Stars. {2 pairs}

So in total, that is 19 pairs of shoes in my basic wardrobe. Obviously, the number of shoes you have depends on your activities, your budget and lifestyle. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

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Jeniffer said...

wow.. you had a lot of shoes.. i also has become shoeaholic lately.. my passion for shoes has grown in this past 1 year.. i didn't really count my shoes collection.. I just bought 3 new pairs this week =)
but i think its around the number you have.. =)