Thursday, 24 September 2009

The staple wardrobe.

Last week I talked about clearing out my wardrobe, so now I'm going to discuss the basics I need in my closet. For each person the staples will be different depending on personal style, job and budget etc. I have already mentioned shoes and handbags, but the rest of my absolute must haves are:

♥ an amazing pair of jeans - it's very difficult to find the right jeans and you can get incredibly bored after trying on 20 pairs. My current favourites are dark blue high-waisted skinnies. I find that a majority of people will suit dark coloured bootcut jeans.

♥ the warm winter coat - during the cooler months, the garment most people will see is your outerwear. Pick something classic which will last more than a season and something that will actually keep you warm (ie wool). Black will last forever, but a printed or bright coloured coat is sure to cheer you up.

♥ white T-shirts - so simple, but they are great for layering when it's frosty and can also look incredibly chic paired with toussled hair, jeans and gladiators in summer. I find they are also great for work when you want to look smart, but not too office-y.

♥ cardigans - I absolutely love cardigans; long ones, short ones, V-necks, patterened ones... Since I am always cold, throwing on a snuggly cardigan prevents me from getting pneumonia and adds a cute element to my outfit.

♥ the little black dress - in my opinion, the LBD is more of an 'older' woman item. Nevertheless, it is good to have a fallback dress you know will look great on you in fashion emergencies.

♥ dresses - for some reason, I don't really like skirts but I adore dresses! They are so easy to work with and there are so many to choose from. You just need to know what lengths, styles and colours suit your frame.

♥ accessories - the bare bones for me would be a cool pair of sunglasses, a pair of black leather gloves, a gorgeous soft scarf for winter and three belts (black, brown and white) to cinch and add detail.

What are your must-have items of clothing?

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Sher said...

I definitely have too many dresses than I can count, lol! So it must be a staple:)