Tuesday, 8 September 2009

High street lust #14.

There actually isn't much that I am lusting over this week! I am however, very smitten by nightwear and loungewear at the current moment. I tried to create a nice lust set but it was rather difficult this weekend since stores have a limited amount of nightwear or the shops that do, don't have very good images. Don't you find this fairy garden vest and shorts set (£18) so cute though?

The weather has turned much colder this week. Snuggle up in a premium pintuck bed jacket (£22) and slip your feet into some ellis quilted booties (£15). If that doesn't help, pull on some knee high socks and/or chunky legwarmers (£8). Stay cute with a bow on alice band (£8). If you are going to a sleepover, pack your goodies into a large quilt vanity case (£40) and store your delicates in a sweet floral lingerie bag (£6). You'll be the chicest girl there!

1 comment:

ONiC said...

you have a super nice taste. idk which one i dont like haha