Thursday, 17 September 2009

Cleaning out my closet.

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear? I do, even though I have wardrobes rammed with clothes! It's terrible, so now and again I try to clear out my drawers and donate things I no longer wear. Sometimes it takes a whole day, but my room looks great afterwards! Here's how I do it:

♥ Do you have wardrobes or drawers or boxes? However you store your clothes, start in one place and work through it before you go onto the next. Start as you mean to go on! It gets confusing if you jump around.

♥ It may be useful to have some boxes or bags ready for you to put your clothes into. Have one for donations and another for clothes which need repairing. However, if you cannot be bothered mending things, just have a box for clothes donations.

♥ Now, as you pick up each garment think about how much you like it, whether it fits, how often you wear, does it look good on you and when was the last time you wore it.

♥ If you haven't worn it for at least a year, put it into the donations bag! Alternatively, if you haven't worn it because the hem needs fixing or a button needs to be sewed on, put it into the repair/rubbish pile.

♥ Work through your wardrobe bit by bit. Play some fun music in the background if you like. It also helps if you have a full length mirror in the room so you can try on clothes.

♥ Try to be RUTHLESS when you are filtering. I hang onto a lot of things 'just incase' but I rarely end up wearing them. Removing the pieces you rarely wear is the key point in this whole exercise.

♥ Before you replace your clothes, wipe down the shelves so they are clean and dust-free. Try to organise your clothes in a sensible way. You may want to store them by colour, type, season or something else. Find a way that works for you. Fold you clothes neatly and arrange them how you like.

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