Saturday, 12 September 2009

Where you drink champange and it tastes just like cherry cola.

Dress - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Cancer Research
Jacket - Topshop

On Friday night, my friend and I had a random night out together. We pretty much sat there people watching the whole night and marking people on their clothes. Gosh, we are mean! Normally I choose one outfit to wear for a night out, but today I made a few changes because the original dress I wanted to wear was far too see-through. Also, I think I shall be wearing black tights from now on. I felt too exposed!

It was supposed to be a cheap night out but it wasn't really and I didn't even get tipsy. Oh well. At least the foosball was fun. "They live in their own make believe world!"


Eliza said...

oh, those shoes are lovely! :) <3

Little Bo Peeep said...

Wow the material of the dress looks lovely and what groegous shoes you have :)

Sher said...

oh, I adore your pumps, they are so cute! And I also feel too exposed sometimes not wearing tights :P

HiFashion said...

Your night sounds fun. I love jusdging people on their clothes, I know its mean though.

Love your shoes; they're gorgeous.