Tuesday, 20 October 2009

High street lust #20.

Well, All Saints isn't particularly budget friendly but they do produce some amazing pieces using great quality fabrics. At the moment I really like the nadette gilet (£60) which, despite its name, is more of a shirt dress.

To create their signature rock/urban look, I'd wear it with a montana amiriki skirt (£75) and a plush amos leather jacket (£375). Accessorise with a truxidor oval belt (£65), chanetti ring (£25) and jona maxi bag (£195). I also adore the canvas slip boots (£155), don't they scream laidback chic? And possibly the best earrings in the world; koko earrings (£20).


Annie said...

love the boots and the jacket!

love annie <3

trishiekoh said...

Look the neutral colours...they'll be easy to wear with anything!

Sann said...

That leather jacket is divine!