Tuesday, 13 October 2009

High street lust #19.

Last week Dorothy Perkins had a 20% off sale. I didn't buy anything, but I wish I had! Especially this navy embroidered dress (£45) because a] it's navy, b] the cut is superbly flattering and c] the embroidery is sooo pretty!

I also wish I had gotten the gold studded platforms (£40) and black flower headband (£12). To smarten up the dress, I'd wear a black ponte boyfriend jacket (£45) along with subtle gold flower studded earrings (£10) and gold studded bangle set (£15). Finish off with a gold barrel lock clutch (£15) and I'd be set for a night on the tiles.

1 comment:

Sher said...

Oh the navy dress is very pretty!

And I'll say go for the D3000, it's relatively easy to use for a noob like me and it's most affordable too! I think it was a good buy for me:)