Saturday, 18 July 2009

I so affirm.

Dress - AX Paris
Shoes - New Look
Tights - Primark
Hair bow - Claire's Accessories
Bracelet - Accessorize
Bag - Cancer Research charity shop

This is the dress I wore underneath my graduation gown on Thursday. I love it! I first saw it in January when I was walking through Debenhams to use their toilet. Sadly, I didn't have any money so I waited until April when my friend bought it for me as a birthday present. I'm just a sucker for pretty lace things. After the ceremony, my family and I went to the supermarket. We looked a bit out of place in our suits and pretty dresses.

Possibly deep down, I wanted this dress because I was influenced by Blair's eyelet lace dress for the Bass brunch in season 1. Saying that, I did originally want the black version of this but white looked so much prettier.

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