Tuesday, 28 July 2009

High street lust #8.

Sorry about this lame collage. They are actually pretty hard to make. Anyway, I really cannot decide whether to buy this lace vintage blouse or not! Not sure if it's worth £40 but it's 100% silk apparently. Somehow it's machine washable?

In a funny way, I am totally buzzing off the suede skinny trousers (£90)! To keep the outfit sweet, I'd wear some massive bird stamp earrings (£60) and studded mary janes (£70) with a leather tassel detail clutch (£38).

Not sure if over-accessorising works here, but you could add a linked enamel bangle (£9), a wrapped leaf ring (£5) or a gold sequin headband (£5). For extra eye candy, a suede fringe gilet (£50) or wing sequin jacket (£120) is sure to do the trick!


Hadley said...

not lame. awesome! i love those earrings.

ONiC said...

not lame at all. very awesome pick i must say. the fringe blazer is the killer :]