Tuesday, 21 July 2009

High street lust #7.

One good thing about having a full-time job is the money you earn. I can't wait to have a regular income so I can buy pretty garments like this gorgeous bustier ruffle dress (£70) from Lipsy. I think the satin ruffle layers are so sweet and fantastical. The above dress is in nude, but also comes in white, pink, red or rainbow leopard ruffles.

With such a detailed skirt, you don't really need to accessorise a lot, otherwise it'll be overpowered. Just a simple quilted clutch bag (£15, was £30) with a round jewel cluster ring (£7, was £12) is all you need. Alternatively, a single bracelet like the large bow stretch bracelet (£7, was £14) or a slim set of 3 charm bracelets (£10) will also do the trick. I also adore the vintage cluster charm necklace (£7, was £17) which highlights the nude coloured ruffles on the dress. If it gets a bit chilly, throw on a pleated collar mac (£75) or some cropped wet look leggings (£12).

Dresses by Lipsy can look like they are for the blonde extension + fake tan kind of girl but they really do have some gorgeous designs. Check out the VIP wire frill hem dress (£145) or the VIP fan pleated dress (also a crippling £145) if you don't believe me. Drool.


Sher said...

Oh I love the dress, so frilly and girly...and the accessories are perfect:)

un petit lapin said...

@ Sher: Thanks! I'd like to get this dress but I don't know when I'd wear it...

xtinagirl said...

THE RING is so...sparkly. I love it!

As for lipsticks, I'm not so sure how brave I am to venture and try a flaming bright red! I was thinking of trying a bubble gum pink like the picture I have on my post. I think it's cute but I'm wondering if it'll look different since we have Asian skin tone. For the record, I've got pretty lame lips haha.

I did that last summer! I was an intern at a chemistry lab and I had work from 8-5. It was so tiring. What do you do??