Sunday, 15 August 2010

You've been around all night and that's a little long.

Dress - Miss Selfridge
Zip up jacket - brother's (H&M?)
Cable knit tights - Topshop
Shoes - River Island

It looks like I put a bowl on my head and then dyed my hair orange. I really need to re-colour my hair, it looks awful! So I think this is the most colourful outfit I've ever posted? The dress is one of the few things I kept after a big Miss Selfridge shipment. The duck egg blue, the cute spots, the pleated hem and the coral/white Peter Pan collar sucked me in. I guess it helped it was the only item I'd actually seen in real life before I made my order.

Who would've thought that I would wear cable knit tights in August? I popped the yellow shoes on because they were in a pile by the door that I had planned to donate but they seem to be finding their way into quite a few of my outfits. Perhaps it is not yet time to let them go.

I'm sad that Miss Selfridge have put their pirces up a bit.


Lai Ying (Leanne) said...

that dress and those shoes = <33333333333
can i steal your wardrobe missy? XD

Anonymous said...

I love that dress, only someone dainty like you can carry it off!

I often put clothes out for the charity collection only to decide that I still want them.


Olivia said...

love this post,your outfits so cute! i know what you mean about miss selfridges prices :(

Sher said...

This is one of my favourite outfits of yours, everything just go so well together! I adore the peter pan collar of course and the shoes are just lovely:)


monica simbolon said...

lol, i felt like that too about my hair before. and i think you look pretty. the dress is super sweet.

Ken said...

aww u look so cute in the outfit =] like a bunny

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes and that dress is gorgeous. Your outfit's are always so chic. I really need to dress myself properly :/ xxx

† мonica-аi † said...

yes! finally! pictures of you in your cut outfits! love those flats and the colour. and i think your hair looks pretty neat like that. it's almost like a gradient :)

Naka said...

the dress is amazing i love it ^^ the collar is so cute and the polka dots ^^

Andreia said...

So cute shoes!!!

Tasha said...

What a cute dress! I think you look lovely!

† мonica-аi † said...

Thanks for the birthday wish for my bf. :D I was going to show him all the comments I got but I'm trying to keep my blog a secret from him :x