Tuesday, 24 November 2009

High street lust #25.

Dorothy Perkins had a 20% off everything 'sale' last Wednesday - Friday. I went to try on the mink lace up ankle boots (£45) which I have been admiring for a while. They are a lovely colour and fit well but I think they are a little too 'butch' for me. I need a slightly more delicate boot! Still, I enjoy fantasising about possible outfits involving them.

For example... pair with a sweet pink lace dress by Uttam (£15, was £30) and girly cream line and rib tights (£6). Be cute and warm with an oatmeal cable cardigan (£28) and adorable cream faux fur pom pom trapper (£12). Match the boots with a mink twist lock shoulder bag (£25) and accessorise with some pretty jewllery; the pearl cluster ring (£12) and cool short reef knot necklace (£12). Basically, all my imaginary outits involve a nice dress to balance the toughness of the boots.


Sher said...

I love this colour pallete! Pink and grey is totally dreamy and romantic!!

Allie said...

I lovelovelove everything about this outfit!
The pink, the grey, the gold!...it's so lovely. :)

Theresa said...

the boots are amazing, i love the colour! I'd buy them!

Winnie said...

I adore the colours in your polyvore. So sweet and girly but those boots are a good mixture of tough/girly! I love them! Shame they weren't right for you.

Sarah Von said...

Hey cutie! I just wanted to let you know that the 'Year in Yes' 2010 calendar is officially for sale now, if you're still keen! Thanks for making Yes and Yes part of your day ;)

daisychain said...

this is all so romantic and girly,
I love how good dorothy perkins has got over the last year or so!

Naka said...

love the light shade of pink
I really want some pink tights now :3

I would love those shoes but I fail in heels XD

candybox said...

I just really enjoy retail for some reason. I have no idea but there's some kind of rush that I get! :) My Black Friday shift is going to be crazy. 11:30 PM until 8 AM!

No sleep! :(


Kristin said...

So feminine in pretty. That ring is my kinda bauble!