Sunday, 1 November 2009

But you could leave me standing so tall.

Dress - Sharei Lamar
Shoes - New Look
Belt - River Island
Ring - ASOS

I look like a giant in this photo! It's too close up. My leopard print dress is from a boutique in London. It has puffy sleeves like Disney's Cinderella but it's not so obvious in the photos. My waist also looks so big. I think I'm gaining weight.

I've been feeling sooo bloated all week. I had a curry with a couple of friends on Monday but I was feeling 'heavy' even before that. I need to eat healthy this week! It was my friend's birthday yesterday and had an impromptu dinner invitation for 5pm, which is what I wore the above dress to. We had a Chinese banquet and played rhyming 'Articulate'. Afterwards, Mo and I had a few drinks (well, I had Coke because I was driving).

Did everyone have a fun Halloween? I wish I'd dressed up!


onic said...

annie you looking so beautiful! i love the leaopard dress and you dont look giant in that too close up picture ;]

Sher said...

Nooo, you don't look like a giant! I'm not sure on you gaining weight but you look just the right size to me:) The leopard print dress is fierce!!!

Happy Sunday:)

daisychain said...

you look beautiful, that dress is incredible on you

Winnie said...

Don't be silly, you look amazing! Honestly!! That ring is fantastic.

augustalolita said...

very pretty :)

Velire said...

thanks for droppin by my blog :)

the dress is just fierce n you look amazing, not at all a giant. :)

btw, added you on my blogroll..hope ya dont mind

XoXo, Vera

Thays M. said...

So cute your dress!

Your blog are amazing!!

beckyxoxo said...

aww you look so lovely ! that dress is gorgeous , love it ! oh i wish i dressed up too ! we just don't really celebrate halloween here :(

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

you are always a fashionista. I love the dress and the sleeves are so cute. =)

Mairyliscious said...

love your style and blog!!!!