Thursday, 15 April 2010

Need to jump in the cold water.

Camisole - Bossini
Jumper - brother's
Shorts - Gap
Boots - Freegia
Handbag - Chanel
Hairtie - Claire's Accessories
Nail varnish - Canmake Tokyo

On Sunday I went to have dim sum with some family friends. I had done a closet clearout on Saturday, which is when I found this merino wool jumper my brother was going to throw out but I had salvaged and decided to wear it for my lunch outing.

It turned out to be way too big/boring and I tried using belts and necklaces to make it work but it all failed. Then I wore my Chanel Chung-style and bada bing bada boom. These shorts + tights got me through some tough times at uni. I wish I could wear them for work.

It would be so cool if 嵐 Arashi did a concert in England.


sharonlei said...

I love dim sum.. but we don't have any dim sum places on Maui.. but get to enjoy great dim sum on Oahu when we visit my sister! Love the look sweetie. :)... and I'm sure I've said this before, but your bag.. ahhhh swoon. I can't wait to own one one day!! Hoping. Crossing fingers.. gotta save up my pennies.

xx Love & Aloha

Sher said...

Oh you got me craving for dim sum now! And for a chanel! I want it, I want it!!

And I dig this look with the bow in your hair, couldn't resist something girlie to spice it up, right?

xx said...

you have the best style!

Lai Ying said...

I went to have dim sum today ^^
oh~ i love those shorts.
im so happy that its getting warmer and i can start wearing shorts again :)

your hair, ARGH i love it so much! <3

Claquette said...

Hello I like your blog and it was to know if you would indeed like to make party of my members!
You to just man has to click the link thank you for making a tour!

sory my English is very not good ^^

Naka said...

cute hair bow and i love ur outfit as always :3

Anonymous said...

I love the bow in your hair and you have cute glasses. Great weekend outfit too. Love it. xxx

Kallie said...

you look really adorable!i love how you wore the shorts :)

Ken said...

cute cute outfit~
nerd chic again~!

thanks for you message =]