Sunday, 24 January 2010

A.RA.SHI for dream.

Well, I'm back from my 2 week trip to Japan! Please excuse my slow replies to blog comments, my holiday was very tiring and I am still trying to recover from jet lag! For now, here is a picture a day to sum up my trip. One daily photo doesn't do it justice though as I usually went to several places in one day.

Lolita shopping in Shinjuku.
The Imperial Gardens.
At the Meiji shrine.
VCA exhibit in Roppongi Hills
Sunshine City Aquarium
Disney Sea Resort.
Tokyo Disneyland.
Minnie bears in Kiddyland.
Ueno Park.
Final Fantasy XIII promotion in Akihabara.
Studio Ghibli. It was amazing.
Delicious ramen.


Jen said...

What inspiring photos - so amazing!

Diane said...

those pastel dresses are so cute! They're in a museum? Amazing pictures :D
waiting for more!

Have a fun day


Lai Ying said...

oh my. cute loli dresses ^_^

onic said...

whoaa amazing pictures. look like you had a fun. btw im tagging you on my last post.

augustalolita said...

great photos!! i love japan!! but i still have yet to visit!!

Naka said...

yaya lolita ^^

cant wait to see the photos and posts about japan ^^

Sher said...

Yay you're back!

These pictures are amazing and makes me so jealous! Japan is definitely a place I want to visit someday!! can't wait for more Japan posts from you:)


daisychain said...

amazing pics x

Tasha Gregson said...

Wow! Japan looks so amazing, looks like you had amazing time :) xx

Cherry Pullinger said...

Wow amazing pictures, you're so lucky to go to Japan, I've always wanted to go there.

The Owl's Closet said...

welcome back! looks like u had a great time in japan:) thanks for sharing ur pics!