Thursday, 11 June 2009

What's in my flight bag?

Here's a little twist on the "what's inside my handbag" post. This is the stuff inside my onboard flight bag. My flight is only 3 hours, so I'll probably leave the Nintendo DS and a book behind. I'm taking the iPod to drown out the chatter of my friends (ha!).

The essentials:
- passport - purse with travel money and insurance
- mobile phone
- keys
- glasses / contact lenses
- list of emergency phone numbers

"Luxury" items (things that are easier to replace):
- digital camera
- iPod
- magazine / book
- pen and scraps of paper for scribbling notes
- sunglasses
- cosmetics, hair grips, moisturiser
- empty bottle of water (so I can refil it later)

Obviously, the length of flight and your destination will probably dictate what you take onboard. My bag looked nothing like this when I went to Lapland in freezing February! What things do you take on a plane?

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