Saturday, 6 June 2009

A day in my life.

This is an idea that I took from the "A day in the life" community on LiveJournal. Basically, you take a photo every hour or so to document your day. Most of my days aren't particularly exciting though. These photos are from yesterday (5th June).

10am - wake up to do my face.
11am - arrive at Renault/Nissan to do some test driving.
12pm - I check out the other cars whilst my dad talks money with the salesman. He looks a bit like John Sergeant mixed with Sean Astin.
1pm - I have some blueberry tea to ease my boredom.
1:45pm - we get home in time to watch Neighbours and Home & Away.
2pm - yum yum wanton noodles for lunch.
3pm - I do my daily internet stuffs.
3:30pm - my dad attempts to remove the malware on the computer so I play some Pokemon Pearl instead. I'm ready to capture Palkia now. Exciting stuff!
4:30pm - still fixing up my Xero-kun (computer). Suddenly it's pouring with rain.
5pm - I wanted to watch "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" in preparation for my holiday but it didn't work so I watched "Clueless" instead.
6:30pm - my brother arrived home from uni for the day.
7pm - porkchops for dinner; I don't really like pig meat.
8pm - my brother and I went shopping. He went to buy trousers whilst I scoured the shoe shops.
9pm - came home (I bought some oxford-esque shoes) and showered.
10:30pm - tuned into Jonathan Ross with Hugh Laurie (d'aww), Eric Cantona (aww) and Dustin Hoffman (more "awww" than I thought he'd be).
11pm - I wanted some Oreos but couldn't be bothered going downstairs so I ate an Alpen bar that's been sitting in my bag for six months.

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