Saturday, 20 June 2009

A day in my life - 11th June 2009.

Last week I flew to Kefalonia. It was my last holiday as a student before I start working. I'll be posting some photos on my Flickr soon so you can see how gorgeous it is. You could see the island of Zante from one side of the hotel and mainland Greece from the other.

4am - arrive at the airport bright and early.
5am - Burger King for breakfast. I couldn't resist.
6am - board the airplane. We got seats with lots of leg room.
7am - view from the window. I slept for most of the journey.
11am (local time) - landed in Kefalonia.
12pm - we passed a castle during our coach transfer.
1pm - the coach dropped holiday makers off at five different hotels.
2pm - we had a great view of the ocean from our balcony.
3pm - you can't go far without a car so we walked (a few km!) to the nearest beach. It was only tough because of the scorching sun.
4pm - it was semi-late so our spot was quite unoccupied.
5pm - attempts to cool our bottles of water down ended up with several rescues and salty water.
6pm - packed up to go back to the hotel.
7pm - played around in one of the hotel's three swimming pools.
8pm - after showering, it was quite dark! There were so many twinkling stars in the night sky but my inferior camera could not capture them.
9pm - dinner at the hotel restaurant. Yummy garlic mushrooms as a starter.
10pm - I had swordfish souvlaki (they didn't skewer it) for my main.
11pm - the hotel had some cool light fixtures. Off to bed to explore the island the next day.

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