Sunday, 28 February 2010

5ive'll make you get down.

T-shirt - Gap
Skirt - Strawberry Fields
Shoes - Miss Selfridge
Coat - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Cancer Research

Here are some pictures of me looking dejected at 5am last Saturday. It was an impromptu night out with cheesy music and watching men dressed as women dancing. Since I hadn't got round to handwashing my tulle skirt, I decided to re-wear it. I think I could have spruced the outfit up a bit more with additional accessories, but I didn't want to look like I tried too hard.

I love how this high-waisted skirt can be worn casual (see last post), for partying and also for work. It makes me feel a bit better about spending so much money on it. Also, I don't get girls who can wander out at night without a coat! I guess that's because I'm too stingy to get taxis door to door.

Right now, for some random reason, I'm in a Dragon Ball revival. I think Vegeta x Bulma is my OTP!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

High street lust #38.

Miss Selfridge has disappointed me as of late, but right now they have some really pretty things in. Such as this satin dress with its amazing cut and all their jewellery. I'm not big on jewellery but I'm really lusting for lots of pieces! Two of my favourite ones were the glitter butterfly ring (£8) and adorable bow heart drops earrings (£6).

Everyone says you shouldn't mix too many trends at once, but I think this nude lace, brogue + satchel combo works. They have been my favourite things for a long time, even before they got trendy. Perhaps the pearl crop floral shirt (£35) with its beautiful collar and the white rose printed shorts (£28) is overkill though. Just cover up with a hooded kimono cardigan (£38) with star buttons to tone down the flowers.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

These are my confessions.

Jumper - Majestic Legon
Tulle skirt - Strawberry Fields
Lace tights - River Island
Boots - Minnetonka
Fedora hat - Debenhams (mens)

This is the outfit I wore for Chinese new year last week. I saved some of my Tokyo purchases so I could ring in the lunar new year since wearing new clothes is a tradition. If there's one thing I have to complain about Japanese clothing, it's their weird sizing! The skirt just sits weird and that's really sad because I paid nearly 8,000 yen for it. Love that I found the Minnetonkas on sale at Marui though. They must be the only thing I found cheaper in Japan than the UK.

I took these photos outside a church. It felt sacreligious and I also exposed myself to a lot more gawkers.

Oh, and well done for those who spotted my new hair colour. I got it done in Japan but it's not as platinum as I wanted it to be! I can't wait to go dark again.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

High street lust #37.

I liked that Taylor Momsen was the new face of New Look. I liked that 'nude' is one of the trends New Look is doing well. But most of all, I liked the chambray spot dress (£28). I like the colour, the frills, the neckline and the polka dots. It's just too cute!

For supreme sweetness, I paired it with a heart button cotton cardi (£16) and plain strappy patent courts (£20). At first I thought the colour of the bow front clutch bag (£10) was a bit dark but I think it works. I looove the accessories I chose; some pearlescent dome studs (£3) which aren't too 'look at me', an adorable dainty deer necklace (£4) and a giant flower headband (£5). Finish the look with some plain pale pink tights and a poppy pink lip. Mwah x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

See how the shine for you.

Happy Valentine's day ♥
~happy Chinese new year to all those who celebrate it~

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

High street lust #36.

Warehouse isn't usually a place I'd shop but it surprised me by having quite a few stunning pieces this season. My favourite item is probably the soft prom dress (£70). I love the soft colours and the girlish style and fabric. I think it'd look great with leather gloves, a veiled fascinator and T-bar heels but Warehouse doesn't do those. Instead I opted for granny chic by adding a drape pocket sheer cardi (£40), a gorgeous lace knitted scarf (£30) and a simple handknit cable beret (£10).

The other piece that caught my eye was the frill collar blouse (£30). I'm just a sucker for frills! I also really like pegleg trousers such as the pinstripe washed trousers (£40). Combine with a pleat & frill underarm bag (£30) and a beaten metal irregular cuff bangle (£8) and you have a chic office outfit.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Smell of wine and cheap perfume.

Dress - Agneau7 (Auntie Rosa)
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Hat - Primark
Shoes - Office
Handbag - Chanel
Coat - Miss Selfridge
Ring - Miss Selfridge

I think this is my first 'what I wore' post since the beginning of the year? I couldn't be bothered going back in time and posting Japan outfits. This dress is one of the items I bought in Tokyo. I love how Tokyo caters to ALL kinds of fashion and it thrilled me to find so many stores filled with lace, sweet knits, old-fashioned prettiness and neutral colours! This dress is actually dusty pink. I really need to tweak my camera's colour settings.

It was my mother's birthday over the weekend so we went out to yam cha. After that my brother and I attacked Topman/Topshop. I came away with two dresses (from their boutique section) but I might return them because I really shouldn't be spending money!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I hope it doesn't snow again this week. I'm fed up with it now!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I get a thousand hugs.

Dear Monica (of miss onic) recently bestowed this award upon me. I'm terrible since I'm doing the tag so late. Anyway, here are ten things that make me happy:

Sleeping in late.

Good food.

Friends; both tthe show and actual amigos.

Gorgeous interiors.

Buying new things (yay, materialism!).

Crazy dancing.

The magic of Disney.

Innocently holding hands with cute boys.

Whimsical moodboards.

"Pretty" pictures.

What makes you happy? Please, tag yourselves!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

High street lust #35.

I wanted to do some lust lists with Japanese brands, but they all seem to like using models to display their clothing online so that made it difficult. Therefore, I'll just stick to using UK high street stores. This week it's River Island's turn again. The ballerina in me really likes the grey jersey mesh skirt (£29.99, #584782).

The outfit was a little inspired by the Fame remake that I watched on the flight home. Pairing the skirt with a crew neck long sleeve top (£12.99, #585836) and studded ballerina bow pumps (£24.99, #584126) you get a simple but cute dance class outfit. To turn it into an outdoors get up, just add a cool studded biker jacket (£34.99, #583863), a sweet anchor bow brooch beanie hat (£16.99, #586222) and a pretty lurex abstract plaid scarf (£14.99, #581741). If you want to glam it up, don some diamante hoop earrings (£7.99, #579177) and a rose enamel ring (£7.99, #585572). Sorry the colour scheme is so similar to last week's. I guess light grey is one of my favourite colours at the moment.