Wednesday, 15 September 2010

She's not bleeding on the ballroom floor.

Thank you very much to Joan of Dreamy Princess who very kindly gave me the following award. Check out her blog, she's adorable!
I'm only going to tag three people (rather than the ordered five) to receive this award. These are blogs which I have only recently discovered and enjoy reading:

- Jamie-Lee of page sixxx
- Olivia of Goldielocks and Cupid
- Emma of Circus Box

And here's the meme to go along with the award:

1. Who or what is your inspiration?
I am inspired by everything around me! Right now I'm really loving textured things; faux fur, cableknit and ribbed tights. Must be the mori girl coming out of me. At the moment I'm also lusting after Matsumoto Ena's and Ogihara Momoko's "mode" style.

2. What is your makeup brand?
I use a bit of everything. But it always has to be a NARS blush.

3. What is your favorite makeup brand?
Paul & Joe beaute. Their packaging slays me.

4. Would you rather go out with no makeup on with done hair, or undone hair and finished makeup?
Is the hair done by me or a professional? And it depends where I'm going! I'll opt for the done hair and no makeup. I feel I can still look decent if my hair is done.

5. Name 5 things that are in your bag.
Purse, mobile phone, pen, rain hat and cosmetics case. I hate lugging around a heavy handbag but I loathe to be without my essentials.

6. Name something every makeup enthusiast should have?
A good foundation.

7. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grow up?
A librarian. Then a graphics designer. Also a pet store owner.

8. What is your favorite clothes shop?
At the moment it's Miss Selfridge.


Hannah said...

aww well done! :)



Jeniffer said...

i love miss selfridges as well

can you help me filling up my survey about fashion blog and teenager here

and participate for the giveaway in my blog thank you

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and I agree with you on the done hair and no make-up choice. I always have to have my hair pulled up or straightened before I go out. xxx

Porcelain complexion said...

Congrats! A well deserved award :)
Loved your answers too

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I am so jealous of your viv west shoes shown on another post, new follower x

The Owl's Closet said...

Congrats on ur award! Well deserved:)

jamie-lee said...

congrats on the blog award - I wanted to be a graphics designer at one point too

Becky Regina said...

Congrats for the award :D

ARA said...

Love Miss Selfridge. Really enjoyed reading this.xx

Tasha Gregson said...

Congrats !! And love your first answer :) xx

jess said...

Congrats on the award.

Naka said...

tehe cute tag ^^

Sher said...

Oh, I'm so inspired by all your inspirations! Lovely to know all these info of you too:)


The Owl's Closet said...

What a fun tag! Glad we got to know you a bit more:)

Olivia said...

aw wow thank youuu! :D

and loving all the answers :D


t said...

Congrats on the blog award!

Ken said...

thank u! the bunnies are ok. we are keeping them inside in the basement, the coolest part of the house

Emma said...

Congratulations and thanks for much for the award - I am very, very grateful! :) x