Sunday, 2 May 2010

Stolen moments with you.

I haven't posted any fashion inspiration photos for a while, but I couldn't help sharing the A/W 10 collection by the Thai designer, Sretsis. The cool blues, pinks and greys mesh beautifully with the 'pretty vintage' styles. If I had the money, I'd snap up this whole collection in a heartbeat. I'd also buy the wigs in the first photo. The colours are perfect!


daisychain said...

oh, these are utterly gorgeous

Naka said...

awh kitty ^^
great photos :3

i hope u can join my giveaway ^^ good luck!

Jen said...

Sigh. These are so beautiful, dreamy and whimsical. I just adore the bicycle.

Amanda said...

i LOVE Stretsis! Wish I could buy everything!

xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

Diane said...

These pictures look exactly like your blog, this probably why you love them!!:P


un petit lapin said...

@ Diane: that has to be the best comment I've ever received. It amused me greatly.

Anonymous said...

I like these pictures very much!

B.Gossip said...

beautiful post xD love the romantic vibe ;)