Monday, 29 November 2010

I got Cutter spray and a healthy sense of worth.

So some of you may (or may not) have noticed that I've been a bit AWOL. I don't know why I've become so poor at blogging ever since my hiatus in summer. Anyway, the absence is also partly because I've been lucky enough to go on my third trip this year and I spent a couple of weeks over in Hong Kong with a quick trip to Cambodia squeezed in. I wasn't that excited about visiting HK since I go there every few years, but I really enjoyed it. The shopping and the food was as wonderful as it's always been. And Cambodia... there's a lot of beauty there despite its recent sad history. Angkor Wat is a sight to behold!

The Bank of China, I think?
Out of focus sushi
Typical countryside Cambodian housing
Statues on a bridge leading to the Angkor Wat complex
Angelina Jolie ran through this door as Lara Croft
Statues at the Shiva temple
Two kids, everyone likes this photo
Reflection of Angkor Wat nearing sunset
Colourful grounds of the royal palace
Cutely packaged drinks in a vending machine
Simple bowl of noodles
Someone was getting married at a restaurant we ate in in Shen Zhen
Random Chinese art
Bibimbap, I enjoy taking pictures of food
The Hong Kong skyline at night

It's always sad going back to reality after a nice holiday. You never want to leave!


daisychain said...

welcome back xox

Diane said...

Nevermind the views and the people, look at that food!!!


head over heels said...

beautiful photos, both places look pretty amazing! oh and welcome back :) x

мoɴιcα-αι said...

I'm uber jealous! I've always wanted to visit those places. btw, you take fantastic pictures! what are those things in the vending machine? they're quite pricey.

and yes, I go karaoke-ing almost every month :D before, it used to be every week. hahaha

and I agree with you about Asians being more materialistic. I just wonder why... hmmm :l

Martina said...

I would never say you're poor at blogging at all. with posts like this you're showing the total opposite! these pictures are so beautiful, are them all yours??? You're so lucky to travel that much!

Dreamy Princess said...

What an amazing trip!! envy you.. I believe that HK and cambodia are two amazing place(:

Nice pictures you took! Make me want to go for holiday..><

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

pankeke said...

thnx for ur comment~~ really cool u got to visit angkor wat! my mom is from cambodia~~ i want to see there someday ^ ^

Margaret said...

such a lovely pictures ! <3

Hello Naka said...

awh ur making me exciting to go to hong kong ^^ and i love the photos and i hope u had a great time!

jamie-lee said...

loving all the photos - haha im the opposite, after lots of travel i love the feeling of coming home!

Becky Regina said...

Aaa so much fun ! I want to go somewhere too . Anyway , nice photos !

minnja said...

Beautiful :))))


Barbie_dolly said...

great blog the photos are great follow me

Yet said...

So, is this hong kong?

Elekon said...

such a beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a great holliday!
Can't wait till i get to see some more of the world

Love jessi

eimi.desu said...
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